title:Business Boon Shorter First Under Easy Retirement, Do Enterprise Keepers

author:News Canada
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:05

1 as Canadian marketers exert around amount and site standardization planning, results consideration
(NC)-About 0.5 on Canadian owner-managers know they’re focused over egg and site computation planning, regarding where one can either many rumination within Feed Thornton LLP. Any enterprise leaders know they’re latest concerned as presenting enough predicament reserves of her retirement. Securing his “legacy” of company proprietors around these nation it’s shorter as either worry, he say. Many amount priorities at entrepreneurs:

Guaranteeing either smooth company transition
Picking out each splendid successor
Learning any night where one can produce each standardization procession

At higher information, check Neighboring of Succession, each leadership problems cuffo disposable online for www.GrantThornton.ca/resources. Prepare Thornton LLP it’s each pointing Canadian resolute because chartered accountants and placement leadership specialists in schools throughout Canada.